Why Thanksgiving Eve is Biggest Drinking Night of the Year

Its that time of year again – and we aren’t talking about Thanksgiving. Did you know that tonight marks the biggest drinking night of the year?

Why? Well, no one is exactly sure. But between restaurants & bars expecting a large revenue boost from this day each year and the police force forecasting extra staffing for the night- it checks out every year. 

Most predict this as the largest drinking night of the year for the following reasons:

1.) Everyone has tomorrow off (Thanksgiving)

2.) So many have traveled back home to reconnect with friends and family

3.) No one wants to cook or prepare meals before the biggest cooking day of the. year. 

AND AAA is predicting much higher travel levels than the previous two years due to COVID in 2020 (pre-vaccinations). 

So in conclusion, please drive safe tonight. If you are going out and drinking, designate a sober (non-drinking) driver. If you’re impaired and do not have a designated driver, use a taxi, Uber, or Lyft, or call a sober friend or family member to get home safely.