Seeking Compensation for Slip and Fall Injury Victim

Marin & Barrett Attorney Nicholas Parrillo is seeking compensation on behalf of a woman injured in a slip and fall accident at Newport, RI restaurant. While dining with her family, our Client fell and was seriously injured after being directed by restaurant staff to an alternate flight of stairs. The injuries were so severe that she was hospitalized at Newport Hospital while recuperating. A subsequent investigation revealed that the path was uneven, poorly lit, and lacked the necessary safety measures in place.

While situations like this are unfortunate, they are made worse by the fact that the negligence causing these types of accidents are virtually always preventable. The business may not have meant any harm in their negligent construction of the pathway, nor did the staff necessarily mean out client any harm directing her that way. Nevertheless, they are responsible and she must be made whole.

At Marin & Barrett, Inc., we are dedicated to holding the responsible parties accountable for their negligence and ensuring that our clients are afforded the justice they deserve. Whether through a settlement or a verdict after trial, we are committed to fighting to ensure our clients get every dollar they deserve.