FDA Announces Additional Metformin Recalls on October 5th, 2020

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced the recall of two additional batches of Metformin. The recalls of extended release Metformin (Metformin ER) manufactured by Marksans Pharma and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries were due to a potentially unsafe level of NDMA. Our Metformin lawyers are currently reviewing this recent recall and evaluating potential claims of those injured by their use of the drug Metformin. Review our Metformin lawsuit page for more information.

Metformin Possibly Another in a recent line of cancer causing dangerous drugs?

The developments in modern medicine over the last decades have been nothing short of miraculous. Advancements in courses of treatment and the research and development of drugs have allowed millions of people to live with diseases and conditions that were once considered untreatable or incurable. While nobody could argue that these advances are a bad thing, not every advancement is a success. Sometimes the side effects of a drug are apparent at the beginning of the development or testing phase; these effects are either tweaked or fixed, or the development is scrapped altogether. However, in many cases the dangers of a drug are not apparent until much later, oftentimes years or even decades after a drug has been on the market. In many of these instances the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will issue a warning to the public to alert us of the discovery of new and potentially dangerous side effects, as is the case with Xeljanz. In more severe cases the FDA will issue an out and out recall of the drug removing it from the market entirely, such as it did with Zantac and Valsartan.

History of the FDA Metformin Recalls

In July of 2020 the FDA issued a recall of the diabetes medicine Metformin after determining that the medication may contain unsafe levels of nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). NDMA is a carcinogen that, when consumed in high enough doses, can cause cancer in humans. While trace levels of naturally-occurring NDMA is considered acceptable and safe for human consumption, excessive consumption can be catastrophic. Excessive and unsafe levels of NDMA led to the recall of Zantac back in the fall of 2019. Those exposed to excessive and unsafe levels of NDMA, such as those potentially found in Meformin ER (extended release) have been known to cause cancers in those exposed, typically in the gastrointestinal system including the colon, liver, uterus, rectum, stomach, kidney, esophagus, pancreatic, and bladder.

Our Metformin Lawyers are still gathering information for potential Metformin Lawsuits

Given that the recall is less than a month old, it is unlikely that those affected by contaminated lots of Metformin even know that they have been affected, or that those who have been diagnosed with cancer due to NDMA exposure have yet attributed it to the drug. But much as medical advances take time, so do advances in the legal system. With diabetes affecting so many people across the nation and the world it is likely only a matter of time before those harmed by Metformin come to the fore, at which point we can likely expect a groundswell of litigation nationwide.