Deleted emails, late evidence, and more. The drama behind the Zantac litigation.

After founding our firm in 2008, we have grown and expanded in personal injury and defective drug cases. While experience makes many aspects of the job easier, there are also several parts of the job that never seem to get easier. One of those aspects that remain difficult is meeting with our many wonderful clients who have been diagnosed with cancer or have suffered various other serious injuries. Hearing from our clients about the pain and suffering they have endured is something never gets easier.

The second difficult part of the job is watching companies who are the center of these cases deny their responsibility and avoid blame for the injuries that they have caused. Some even go above and beyond during the litigation process to destroy or hinder discovery efforts against them – making our job extremely difficult but all the reason to fight harder.

This leads us into our update today for those following the litigation against Sanofi, the producer of the popular Zantac drug mainly used for heartburn and GERDS. Drama, drama, drama.

From the start, the Zantac litigation has been difficult since it was consolidated by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in South Florida in February 2020 and enduring through a pandemic that practically closed the entire country down. Now the litigation has become extremely difficult due to the actions of the defendant Sanofi. They have become combative in discovery and either refused to or delayed providing evidence over to the plaintiffs.

And what does that mean exactly? For starters, 1/3 of the evidence requested was provided late. Second, while the Defendants have stated that this was not intentional, it appears as if the defendants deleted corporate emails containing key evidence proving Sanofi knew the product they were manufacturing and distributing had high levels of a potent human carcinogen, known as N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), that has scientifically proven to cause cancer. And emails from whom you ask? From Michael Bailey, the head of regulatory affairs for the company’s U.S. Consumer Healthcare division. Sigh.

So what does that mean for the Plaintiffs? We must fight harder. This past month, a court filing was submitted on behalf of the plaintiffs requesting additional time to prepare for the first trials because the defendants have withheld and hindered discovery efforts as detailed above. Additionally, an internal probe into the withholding and deletion of emails of the defendant has also begun, which will report findings to the judge in charge of the case who will surely have an opinion.

And lastly, while the path ahead will not be straightforward, based on the work done thus far by the plaintiff team, rest assured there is an A-plus, 5 star, bulldog team working to achieve justice for every client out there that has suffered at the hands of this drug.

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