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Are you or a loved one currently struggling with uterine cancer that may have been caused by using a popular hair relaxer product? If so, you may be eligible to take legal action and join the numerous current cases in relation to this medical issue. While no amount of money can undo the terrible impact on your life this ailment has caused, filing a claim against the manufacturer of the product used may provide justice for losses stemming from your illness. For individuals interested in learning more about how to file a lawsuit regarding hair relaxer-associated uterine cancer, read on for more information.

Hair Straightener Uterine Cancer Lawsuits Are Now Available

Marin and Barrett, Inc. offers legal support for individuals who developed uterine cancer after using a hair straightener. The firm is currently accepting cases and is offering free consultations to those affected by this devastating illness.

In the early days of hair relaxer lawsuits, a handful of plaintiffs alleged the manufacturer’s product was linked to uterine cancer. It is unclear whether the claim is true, but there is a strong scientific link between the long-term use of a chemical hair straightener and a higher uterine cancer rate in women.

Uterine cancer (or endometrial cancer) is a common disease that occurs in women. The disease usually results in infertility and permanent damage to the uterus. However, the incidence of cancer has been rising in recent years. This is especially true among African American women.

Uterine cancer was the main injury alleged in five of the eight lawsuits filed. Other causes of action include failure to warn, design defects, and manufacturing defects. A slew of defendants were named, including parent company L’Oréal USA, Inc. and its affiliates; Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. and its subsidiaries; and two smaller, non-public companies, Soft & Lovely and Olive Oil Girls.

In terms of the “best” hair relaxer uterine cancer lawsuits, it is hard to beat Jennifer Mitchell’s lawsuit. Mitchell alleged that her uterine cancer was caused by prolonged exposure to phthalate metabolites that are present in hair relaxers. She claimed that the products’ manufacturers were negligent and fraudulent in manufacturing their hair straightening products.

Although the claims of several individual plaintiffs are not identical, there is an overall trend toward the claim that chemical hair straighteners increase a woman’s risk of cancers including ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer and other health conditions.

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals in Hair Relaxers

When people choose to straighten their hair with chemical relaxers, they are exposed to a variety of carcinogenic chemicals. Some of these chemicals, known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), interfere with the normal functioning of the endocrine system. These endocrine disruptor chemicals in hair straightening products may lead to uterine cancer.

A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that chemicals in hair relaxer products are linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer. The study involved 33,947 women. This study also reported that frequent users of hair relaxers were associated with a significantly higher risk of uterine cancer. Compared to women who had never used chemical hair relaxer products, participants who had used them to straighten their curly hair for one year had an 80% higher risk of uterine cancer.

According to the study, Black women have a significantly higher risk of developing uterine cancer. The study showed that the incidence rate of uterine cancer among Black women was four times higher than among White women. Other risk factors include obesity, prior estrogen therapy, and Type 2 Diabetes.

The medical study also found that uterine cancer risk in women doubled for those who had used hair relaxers more than seven times in the past year. Researchers concluded that chemical hair relaxer products, which are commonly targeted at Black women, are likely to contain endocrine disruptors and exposure consumers to these toxic chemicals.

Uterine cancer is the most common female reproductive cancer. It can be treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. However, if the disease is left untreated, it can lead to infertility and other health issues. In addition to causing uterine cancer, relaxers may increase the risk of other debilitating diseases. For example, scalp lesions caused by relaxing hair allow harmful chemicals to enter the body. That can result in permanent damage to the tissue.

A number of chemical hair straightener lawsuits have been filed against major cosmetic companies over their failure to warn consumers about the risks of using their hair care products such as Dark & Lovely. Some of these lawsuits allege that the defendants failed to disclose the presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in their products. The vast majority of consumers are unaware that these dangerous chemicals can cause health disparities and reproductive dysfunction.

Class Action Lawsuits Versus Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have been diagnosed with uterine cancer after using chemical hair straighteners, it may be time to consider filing a lawsuit. There is strong scientific evidence that indicates this common type of cancer is linked to these products.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute recently published a study linking relaxers to uterine cancer. However, the potential link between hair relaxer and cancer was not made public until October 2022. That’s a big deal because uterine cancer is among the most common cancers among women. And by 2040, it will likely be the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths for women. So far, a number of lawsuits have been filed against cosmetic hair relaxer manufacturers.

Several studies have indicated that hair relaxers are associated with a variety of other diseases. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the link between hair relaxers and uterine cancer is a “carcinogenic” risk. It also appears that lotion hair straighteners, which contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals, are more likely to cause cancer.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit has already had to undergo myomectomy, or removal of a portion of the uterus, to remove uterine fibroids caused by her use of hair relaxers. Another has experienced vaginal bleeding and has been suffering from extreme pain, among other adverse health effects.

A group of women has also recently filed a class action lawsuit against L’Oreal USA, Inc. and other manufacturers of chemical hair relaxers. One hair relaxer product liability case filed by Jenny Mitchell in the Federal District Court in the Northern District of Illinois alleges that her use of Dark & Lovely, as well as other hair straightener products, lead to her exposure to chemicals and thereby caused her uterine cancer. She and others pursuing hair relaxer lawsuits are demanding that the manufacturer pay for a medical monitoring program for women so that they could potentially detect cancer earlier and help them get the treatment they need.

In addition to claiming that hair relaxers have the “miracle” of being a cancer fighter, the plaintiffs in this hair relaxer lawsuit that the company is not doing enough to prevent cancer from occurring. As a result, they allege that the manufacturer should remove products from the market that are adulterated.

Uterine cancer is a common type of cancer in women. Experts expect the number of hair relaxer cancer cases to increase in the years to come. This type of cancer is generally fatal and is commonly associated with infertility. With the growing awareness of the connection between uterine cancer and chemical hair straighteners, a number of women have started to file hair relaxer cancer lawsuits. 

States Where it Might be Too Late to File

If you are a woman that has been using hair relaxers to touch up your natural hair and have been diagnosed with uterine cancer, you might want to consider filing a lawsuit. However, you might be too late to file a hair relaxer lawsuit, unless your state follows a “statute of repose” or “discovery rule.”

Essentially, the statute of repose means that you cannot sue a product manufacturer unless the product was on the market for two years from the date of your cancer diagnosis. You must also follow the discovery rule, which means that you must discover all the facts related to your injury in order to proceed with a claim.

Nevertheless, you can still file a lawsuit against a company if you believe that it knew about the risk of uterine cancer but did not warn you of that risk. In fact, there are a number of women who have filed hair relaxer uterine cancer lawsuits against cosmetic companies. Some of the plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers were aware of the risks of uterine cancer but did not disclose the risks to consumers. These lawsuits could expand to include other manufacturers of similar cosmetic products.

One of the first lawsuits to be filed was against L’Oreal, the manufacturer of the Dark & Lovely line of hair relaxers. Mitchell used the hair product for eight years and was diagnosed with uterine cancer when she was 28. She has undergone a full hysterectomy and remains under medical supervision. Several other lawsuits have been filed against the same company in other states. 

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lawyer kensley barrett working on a hair straightener lawsuit
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