At any hair salon or even at home, many women believe that using chemical hair relaxers is the best method for taking care of their naturally curly hair and ensuring that it remains healthy over time. But what happens when the means to do this puts their health in jeopardy? 

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At any hair salon or even at home, many women believe that using chemical hair relaxers is the best method for taking care of their naturally curly hair and ensuring that it remains healthy over time. But what happens when the means to do this puts their health in jeopardy? 

In recent years, there have been legal actions taken against well-known cosmetic companies, with individual lawsuits on the rise because of the potentially harmful consequences that are associated with the usage of their hair relaxer products and chemical straighteners. These include developmental abnormalities, uterine fibroids, and even breast cancer risk.

These purported adverse health effects may vary from dermatitis and inflammation of the scalp all the way up to cancer in some instances. It is essential that cosmetic manufacturers be held accountable for any possible damage or injury that may have resulted from using them.

For more information about a product liability lawsuit or hair relaxer lawsuit settlements and how to keep your family’s health and safety at the forefront of any chemical treatment decision you make, keep reading.

Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Settlement Amounts (Projected)

Product liability class action lawsuits are often resolved through a global resolution fo all pending claims.  The settlement amounts of the individual claims in these cases are settled upon negotiation and compromise between the injured plaintiff and the manufacturer defendant involved.  Some of the factors that can impact the amount of a product liability settlement include:

  1. Evidence: The strength of the evidence presented by the injured party can impact the settlement amount and if the evidence is strong, the defendant manufacturer will likely be more willing to settle the claim for a higher amount.
  2. Liability: If the defendant is or has been found to be liable for the injury or for other similar injuries in bellwether cases that have already gone to trial, the likely settlement amount will typically be higher than if the manufacturer continues to dispute liability.
  3. Damages: Any potential settlement amount often depends upon the extent of the damages or injuries suffered by the plaintiff. These can include both economic damages (such as medical expenses and bills) and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering).
  4. Time and cost of trial: Going to trial can be time-consuming and expensive. Both the plaintiff and the defendant manufacturer may wish to reach a settlement to avoid the cost and uncertainty of a trial.  Trials result in all or nothing verdicts for both sides, and often a compromise is in both parties best interest.

In product liability settlements, the settlement payout received by individual plaintiffs is can sometimes be based on a tiered system in which plaintiffs are assigned categories based upon the severity of their injuries and the strength of their case.  Plaintiffs in higher tier categories receive higher settlement amounts, while lower-tier plaintiffs receive lesser amounts.

In the hair relaxer litigation, the uterine cancer cases are going to be in the top settlement tier. The scientific causation evidence revealed by the NIH Sister Study linking hair relaxer use to uterine cancer is strong. Additionally, the damage caused and treatment required for uterine cancer makes it a much more severe injury when compared with uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

Estimates regarding the value of hair relaxer uterine cancer settlements vary widely from as high as $1,750,000 to $300,000. The large range of hair relaxer settlement values is due to the varying potential harm caused by the uterine cancer or other injury.  In some cases, a plaintiff who suffered harm from the use of hair relaxers in her 20’s may have lost the ability to bear children as a result.  In other cases, plaintiffs who are older and suffer the same injury would not have lost the ability to bear children.  This does not mean that both plaintiffs do not have a claim, it simply means that the settlement values for the hair relaxer lawsuits are likely to vary widely.


November 16th, 2023

Significant Progress in Hair Relaxer Litigation Against L’Oréal and Other Companies

A pivotal development has emerged in the ongoing hair relaxer lawsuit saga. On November 13, 2023, a critical decision by U.S. District Judge Mary Rowland has propelled the litigation forward significantly. In her ruling, Judge Rowland allowed most of the claims in the multidistrict litigation, which implicates major beauty companies like L’Oréal and Revlon, to proceed. This decision affects over 8,000 lawsuits, marking a key juncture in this extensive legal battle.

Central to these lawsuits is the allegation that chemical hair relaxers, mainly marketed to women of color, are linked to severe health consequences, including a heightened risk of uterine cancer. These claims have been bolstered by a study from the National Institutes of Health, published in October 2022, which found an association between the frequent use of these products and an increased rate of uterine cancer.

While the court dismissed some claims concerning fraud due to insufficient specifics, the bulk of the lawsuit – focusing on negligence, product design defects, and the failure of companies to warn consumers about the risks – has been upheld and will proceed to litigation.

The lawsuits underscore a critical issue: the targeting of Black and Brown women, as well as young girls, by these beauty brands, without proper communication of the potential health risks involved. The legal teams representing the plaintiffs, including noted attorneys like Ben Crump and Jennifer Hoekstra, are determined to seek accountability and justice for the alleged damages caused by these hair relaxer products.

This latest court ruling is a significant stride in the path towards a potential settlement and underscores the ongoing concerns about the safety of chemical hair relaxers in the beauty industry. It represents a major advancement for the numerous individuals involved in this litigation, seeking reparation and accountability from the implicated companies.

Find Out If You Are Eligible For a Hair Relaxer Settlement

Marin and Barrett, an experienced personal injury law firm, can help you obtain a hair relaxer settlement in a lawsuit.

 There are a number of things that must be done before submitting potential claims or punitive damages for a hair relaxer class action lawsuit. For instance, obtaining medical records detailing any injuries or side effects of hair relaxer products or other goods should be your first priority. You may use these documents as evidence in court and as a basis for negotiating a settlement.

 If you want to win your case, you also need to have all the facts you can get your hands on about hair care products, so make sure to save all of the labels, packaging, test results, and safety warnings you can find. Also, if you or someone you know has been hurt by chemical hair relaxers or hair straightening products, it’s crucial that you document it with images. You should do this so that your personal injury lawsuit is more compelling and all parties involved have a complete picture of the financial or personal losses you’ve incurred.

 Last but not least, consult a seasoned hair relaxer lawyer who has handled situations similar to yours. With their aid, you may file a class action lawsuit against the responsible party for the hair relaxer products and increase your chances of receiving financial compensation following all the measures they recommend.

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