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Are you or a loved one experiencing adverse effects as a result of having used L’Oreal’s Dark & Lovely hair relaxer products? If so, then you may be eligible to join the ongoing class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturer. Although these types of lawsuits can seem daunting and overwhelming, in this blog post we will break down all that you need to know about filing for relief due to damages caused by L’Oreal’s relaxers, including how to assess your eligibility and take legal action. Keep reading to learn more!

L’Oreal Faces Lawsuit Over Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer Products

Marin and Barrett’s legal firm helps people injured by L’Oreal’s Dark and Lovely range of hair relaxers. The products are marketed as a safe way to straighten and smooth curly, kinky, or wavy hair.

The French cosmetic manufacturer L’Oreal is defending itself in a Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer lawsuit. According to a lawsuit filed by a Missouri woman, the company misled consumers with its product and did not do enough to protect them.

There are many other allegations against L’Oreal. The company allegedly sold a product containing hazardous chemicals without warning consumers about the risk of cancers. It was not required to obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration before releasing it, and it didn’t list each of the ingredients separately on the label.

Other hair relaxer manufacturers have been sued as well. They have also been accused of making claims about their cosmetic products that aren’t supported by scientific evidence. These claims have amounted to thousands of lawsuits against them.

Nevertheless, this is the first L’Oreal chemical hair-straightening product lawsuit. A few years ago, several women claimed to have suffered from skin and scalp issues after using their products. Some of these claims were dismissed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which described them as unsubstantiated.

In the meantime, a group of consumers has requested a consolidation of all of these lawsuits. That request is expected to be granted. As for the value of the Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer lawsuit, it is not yet known.

However, L’Oreal has a lot of money at its disposal to pay settlements to victims of its product. This means that the company is in a good position to defend itself in the case. L’Oreal may be able to avoid legal trouble by making its products safer. However, the company will still have to decide what chemicals are contained in its products.

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals in Hair Relaxers

One of the more important facts about the Dark & Lovely hair relaxer is that it was the first to use a non-lye solution. Previously, chemical hair relaxer products were made with lye, which can cause burns on the scalp. By eliminating the use of lye, the products were able to be less irritating to the scalp.

The L’Oreal Dark & Lovely hair relaxer is known to contain toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals. However, the manufacturer never made this information available to consumers. This lack of disclosure has caused a number of women to file a lawsuit against the company, and many are claiming that they could have avoided their uterine cancer diagnosis if they had been informed of this risk.

A growing body of medical research links the use of hair relaxers to ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. These types of diseases may be caused by the endocrine system’s inability to regulate hormones. Several of the chemicals found in Dark & Lovely are endocrine-disrupting, and they have been linked to the growth of cancer cells.

Hair relaxers are chemical hair care products that break down bonds in the hair. They are designed to produce a flat texture but they also contain harsh industrial chemicals that can have negative effects on the endocrine system.

According to a study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit consumer group, the ingredients found in the L’Oreal Dark & Lovely chemical hair straighteners are endocrine disrupting. Although they are listed under the category of “fragrance,” they are actually carcinogenic compounds that disrupt the normal function of the endocrine system.

The EWG said the ingredients in the L’Oreal Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer have a “hazard score” of seven out of ten. That means there is a 156% increased risk of developing uterine cancer in those who regularly use the product.

lawyer kensley barrett working on a hair straightener lawsuit
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