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Hair relaxer breast cancer, or HRBC, is an often overlooked and little-known form of cancer. It affects the tissues in the armpits and chest areas of women who have used chemical hair relaxers. Cancer usually develops in areas where there has been frequent contact and long-term exposure with chemicals in hair relaxer.

Typically, a woman will first notice a lump or bump underneath her arm or on her chest. She may also experience some pain or discomfort when touching the area. If she gets it checked out by a doctor, they will do a biopsy to determine if it is cancerous or not. The cells taken during the biopsy will be sent off for further testing to determine what type of cancer it is.

While it’s not known exactly how these chemicals cause cancer, researchers believe that the chemicals are dehydrating the cells in the tissue around where they were applied, causing them to become more prone to developing tumors. It’s also believed that people a variety of factors including pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity and immune system disorders may be more likely to develop HRBC than those without these conditions.

Treatment for HRBC depends on how advanced it is and whether it has spread throughout other parts of the body. Surgery may be needed to remove any lumps or tumors, while chemotherapy and radiation can help treat more advanced cases. Unfortunately, if HRBC is not caught early enough, it can be difficult to treat due to its aggressive nature; however, regular checkups with your doctor are important in order to catch any signs of change early on so that you can get treatment before it becomes too serious.

If you have been affected by breast cancer due to the use of chemical hair straighteners, then you know how overwhelming and complicated litigation can be. With so many medical, legal, and insurance elements involved in your case, it’s no surprise that filing your lawsuit can feel like an insurmountable task. That’s why we are here to provide expert advice for navigating complex hair relaxer breast cancer lawsuits.

Best Practices for Navigating a Hair Relaxer Breast Cancer Lawsuit

Marin and Barrett, one of the best American legal firms, established best practices for navigating a hair relaxer breast cancer lawsuit. These practices are designed to help survivors and their families understand their rights and maximize the compensation they might receive from a claim in a hair relaxer settlement

Understand Your Unique Medical Situation

First, the legal team should understand your unique medical situation. This is important because it helps identify any potentially preventable factors that may have contributed to your injury. It also guides them to better prepare a claim strategy and anticipate how the defendant might respond. 

Determine Who Was Responsible for Your Injury

The second step is to determine who was responsible for your injury: Was it the manufacturer of the chemical hair straightener such as L’Oréal who makes Dark & Lovely, Godrej consumer products, or Namaste Laboratories LLC or was it the salon that applied it? From there, the legal team will begin to gather evidence and build an irrefutable case. This can include medical records, witness statements, photographs of the area in question, and any other information that helps prove negligence on behalf of another party.

Negotiate With the Defendant

Finally, your legal team of experienced attorneys will negotiate with the defendant during the pre-trial phase to help you achieve a financial settlement. If negotiations fail, then the case will go to trial and your legal team must be able to present a strong argument on your behalf.

lawyer kensley barrett working on a hair straightener lawsuit
Contact Attorney Kensley Barrett for a Free, No Obligation Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit Evaluation