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Houston Music Festival Crowd Surge Leaves at Least 8 Dead

On November 5th, 2021, a tragic and deadly crowd surge took place at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, TX during the performance by rapper Travis Scott.  The surge toward the stage at about 9:30 pm resulted in the death of eight patrons and left hundreds injured.  At the time of the crowd surge, about 50,000 people were attending the show.

At Marin and Barrett, Inc., our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys are investigating and looking for answers about how the tragedy was allowed to happen. We are available to discuss the matter 24/7 at (888) 348-2735.  At this time, many details are unclear including what cause the crowd stampede and crush as well as whether there was sufficient security fo the event to protect the attendees.

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What are Crowd Crush Injuries?

Crowd crush injuries occur when individuals get squeezed so hard that they cannot get oxygen.  When the crowd surges, the force can be strong enough to bend steel and it can often hit individuals from two directions.  One force pushing them from the rear of the crowd pushing forward and another from the front of the crowd trying to escape.  If some people have fallen during the surge, it can cause a pileup and pressure can even come from above.  All of this pressure is exerted on an individuals lungs.  In the vast majority of crowd crush deaths, asphyxiation was listed as the underlying cause of death.

Who is Liable for Music Festival Injuries?

Festival organizers have a duty to keep those who attend music festivals, like Astroworld, safe.  When you attend a festival you assume that the organizers and security are going to take reasonable steps to keep you safe.  Our Astroworld lawsuit lawyers are reviewing the actions of the performer Travis Scott, the venue NRG park and the organizer Live Nation.  Security consultants reviewing the events leading up to the this Astroworld mass casualty event typically find that the bulk of liability lies with the performers and cities that approve such large scale events.  Astroworld lawsuits filed by victims of the tragedy have assigned blame to rapper Travis Scott for profiting at the expense of the concertgoers’ health and safety and the encouragement of violence within the crowd.

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