Are Round Up’s Days Numbered? Alternatives to the Weed Killer.

As the litigation winds down, what have we learned from the Round-Up lawsuits? Consider this a rant.

Today I attended a meeting within my local community to discover that RoundUp is used as the sole weed killer by the landscaping company we are contracted with.

While I’m not surprised by this, I find it frustrating and overwhelming that even with the scientific link between this product and cancer, the number of lawsuits we currently have against the company, and the number of countries that have begun to ban the product, that many farmers, landscapers, and consumers continue to widely use this product.

And I get it. Have you looked at what the alternatives are? They are expensive. Or if you attempt your own research for a more organic product, the first alternatives that display is a flame thrower or vinegar. Can you imagine if your local landscaper walked around with a flame thrower?

But what is the alternative? Our children and pets play in the grass every day. We walk through these fields and landscaping and then tread it into our homes. Major farms throughout our country use it. We bring these crops into our fridges. It’s pretty overwhelming to think about.

The good news (sort of) is that the company announced over the summer that it intends to phase out its residential product for consumer use by 2023. The bad news is that farms throughout the country will continue use this product.

What can we do moving forward? For one, be mindful of the fruits and vegetables you bring into your home. Wash them. Two, leave your shoes outside your home or in a closet upon walking into the home. Lastly, read more about alternative products for weeding that while expensive, could be utilized better during specific seasons in the year.

Here are some of my favorite blogs I follow to help reduce the number of chemicals in our home and garden:

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