3M PFAS Settlement Receives Final Court Approval

PFAS Water Contamination Attorney Matthew Marin

In a landmark decision that underscores the escalating fight against per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination, chemical conglomerate 3M has reached a final court approval for a settlement ranging between $10.5 billion to $12.5 billion. This settlement represents a historic agreement to address the widespread contamination of public drinking water systems with PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals.” At the Marin, Barrett, and Murphy Law Firm, we view this settlement as a crucial advancement in environmental justice and a testament to the power of legal action in compelling corporate responsibility.

Understanding the Scope of PFAS Contamination:

PFAS compounds are notorious for their persistence in the environment and potential harm to human health, including risks of liver and immune-system damage, as well as certain types of cancer. The ubiquitous presence of PFAS in public water systems has emerged as a national health crisis, necessitating decisive legal and regulatory actions.

The 3M Settlement Explained:

The settlement, approved by a U.S. district court, mandates that 3M will commence payments in the third quarter of this year, stretching until 2036. This fund aims to support public water suppliers that have detected or will detect PFAS contamination, ensuring that measures are taken to mitigate this pollution at its source. This initiative reflects 3M’s commitment to addressing its role in PFAS contamination, alongside its broader efforts to phase out PFAS production by the end of 2025.

What This Means for Public Water Suppliers:

For suppliers that have identified PFAS contamination prior to June 22, 2023, a 60-day window post-agreement’s effective date is allocated for filing a claim. Meanwhile, those identifying contamination in more recent or ongoing monitoring efforts have until July 31, 2026, to submit their claims. This structured approach facilitates a comprehensive reach, allowing affected entities to seek remediation funds.

The Path Forward:

While the settlement marks a significant step towards rectifying past injustices, it is not an exhaustive solution to all PFAS-related litigations faced by 3M. The company continues to navigate through thousands of personal injury lawsuits and state-level legal challenges. Nevertheless, this settlement is a pivotal move towards diminishing the environmental and health impacts of PFAS, signalling a shift in industrial accountability and regulatory oversight.

The Role of Legal Advocacy in Environmental Justice:

Our firm stands at the vanguard of this ongoing battle, representing those impacted by PFAS contamination. Our specialized knowledge in environmental law equips us to advocate effectively for our clients, ensuring they receive the compensation and support necessary for confronting this crisis.


The 3M PFAS settlement is a beacon of hope for communities and water suppliers grappling with the repercussions of forever chemicals. It embodies the collective resolve to safeguard public health and the environment from the lasting harm of PFAS. As we continue to monitor the progress of this settlement and other related legal developments, our commitment to environmental justice remains unwavering. Should you find your community or water supply affected by PFAS, the Marin, Barrett, and Murphy Law Firm is here to stand with you, every step of the way.