3M Attempts to Deflect Responsibility for 300,000 U.S. Soldiers with Hearing Loss

In one of the latest moves by 3M this past week, the Company is attempting to deflect responsibility for the remaining 300,000 lawsuits by blaming the U.S. government and the contract for the defective earplugs they manufactured and sold.  Those earplugs were used by hundreds of thousands of soldiers resulting in significant hearing loss.

In our opinion, 3M is grasping at straws and their legal defense in trouble. They are currently on the hook for $160M to two veterans in the first of a handful of cases to go to trial so far while there are still over 280,000 cases pending.

At Marin and Barrett, Inc., we stand ready to fight for our veteran clients until the very end. The mounting pressure these verdicts have placed on them indicates that they are worried – and they should be. The last thing a soldier should have to worry about on the battlefield is whether the equipment they have been provided by the U.S. government is faulty.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of using these faulty 3M combat ear plugs, please do not wait and reach out to us today. Call us at (888) 348-2735 or email us here.