2021 Zantac Lawsuit Update: Federal Court Dismisses Claims Against Generic Manufacturers and Zantac Retailers

This past month, the federal judge overseeing the multi-district litigation involving thousands of Zantac claims limited the liability of many defendants as well as several retailers, pharmacies, and generic manufacturers that had been named in the Zantac lawsuit.

So what does this mean for the case? To be short and sweet, here is a summary of what has occurred.

1.) If you took the generic version of Zantac known as Ranitidine then you may not be eligible to file a claim.
2.) The following retailers, such as CVS Pharmacy Inc., Walgreen Co, The Kroger, and many others are not liable in the Zantac litigation.

Curious to what the above means? Here are some common questions we have received from current clients that you are probably wondering.

Question 1: What is Zantac used for and how has it impacted your clients?

Answer: Zantac is a commonly used heartburn medication. The science has directly shown that the heartburn medication product contained large amounts of carcinogen NDMA, which has links to cancer and other complications.

Question 2: Why did the Federal Court limit claims to brand name Zantac only and dismiss all claims against the manufactures of generic Zantac and Zantac retailers?

Answer: In short, Federal law prevents the manufacturers of generic products from displaying any label or warning other than the label and warning that was approved for the name brand version of the drug by the FDA. Judge Rosenberg determined that the lawsuits against the generic manufacturers and Zantac retailers are preempted by Federal law due to the fact that the law does not allow the generics to be labeled differently.

Question 2: How do I know whether I have taken the generic vs. the brand Zantac drug?

Answer: There are a couple different actions you can take to determine whether you have taken the generic vs. brand drug. The more straight forward approach is whether you were prescribed this medication. In this case, yourself or your lawyer can request pharmacy records, which will detail the type of drug that was prescribed (brand vs. generic). The more complicated approach is whether you purchased this drug over the counter. In this case, receipts or purchase records will need to be obtained and requested by the pharmacy. But this approach is not always 100% clear.

If you or a loved one were affected by Zantac, you may be able to file a lawsuit to hold the drug company liable. Marin & Barrett Law is here for you. We offer free consultations where it is most convenient for you, whether it be over the phone or in-person. Contact us today at (888) 348-2735 to discuss your potential case.